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I’m a third generation artist, woodcarver, and musician.  I grew up in a large family of artists and musicians, as a result my life has always revolved around creativity and the arts.  

Honestly, I just love to make beautiful things, and I love to make things beautiful.  I love taking what might normally be relatively mundane visually: an architectural element such as a door or a fireplace mantel, a guitar, or anything else for that matter, and turning it into a work of fine art. I pride myself in my ability to adapt my woodworking to just about any style/installation that can be imagined.

I’m a blood, sweat, and tears kind of an artist.  I get immense enjoyment and satisfaction out of living the artist’s life.  A huge part of that is constantly learning, pushing, stretching my abilities and the boundaries/possibilities of my chosen medium.  For me it’s all about the art.  I eat, sleep, and breathe it.  I obsess over it. I pour my heart into every project I get involved in big or small.  

I’m really not into the pretentious art scene, or using silly terminology to bolster peoples opinions of my art.  I just like to work hard, and to strive for perfection in every thing I do.  From the simple and elegant, to the extremely detailed and ornate, I just enjoy creating.  And hopefully, through my blood, toil, tears, and sweat, I will be creating a high level of art that those who don’t put the effort in, will never reach. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Thank you for checking out my work!



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